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The purpose of class action litigation is to give an average person the ability to take on the largest corporations and private entities, providing them with the chance to redress the wrong done by these entities.

Representing clients from a range of industries and across the globe, our international presence allows it to respond strategically and comprehensively to cases that are commenced in more than one jurisdiction. Because many class actions mirror actions commenced in other jurisdictions, our specialists adopt a co-operative approach in dealing with our legal colleagues in other jurisdictions, creating integrated legal strategies for the benefit of clients.

We have the knowledge and experience to identify at the earliest stages the key strategic issues and approaches and to navigate all aspects of defending a class action, from preliminary motions, to the defense of certification, and beyond.

The firm’s class action counsel have argued some of the leading cases in this developing area of law and have a strong record of success in preliminary challenges and opposing certification of class proceedings. They are also experts in negotiating and implementing complex and creative settlements, including securing court approvals as required across the country.
Throughout, our approach is to recognize and frame the business considerations and to achieve the client’s objectives in minimizing present exposure and risk of future claims.

The combination of this substantive legal expertise with comprehensive knowledge of the procedural and strategic aspects of the class action legislation in multiple jurisdictions serves our clients well.

The firm’s class action lawyers are well-equipped to address claims arising in fields such as securities law, competition law, insurance, product liability, mutual funds, employee pension and benefits, banking, and other commercial matters. If you have suffered significant investment losses, the cause may go beyond mere fluctuations in the investment markets.

If you are an investment advisor or broker engaged in misconduct through the sale of unsuitable investment products, made false promises, or provided you with misleading or fraudulent investment or financial planning advice, not to achieve your investment objectives, but to further his own financial interests, you may have legal rights and should consult with a qualified securities arbitration and investment fraud attorney to determine if you have a viable claim. Our Team of Lawyers experienced in serving clients in the areas of class action, Investment fraud, and the recovery of Investment losses and retirement losses.

We have extensive experience in the arbitration and resolution of matters pertaining to all types of Investment losses, Securities litigation, Financial advisor fraud, Broker fraud, Stock fraud, Financial advisor fraud and loss of retirement funds. We typically bases its fee upon a percentage of the recovery achieved for the client. Each case is individually reviewed for merit and all settlements are dependent upon the client’s express consent. The Firm will not refer cases to other lawyers without the client first agreeing to the referral.

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