Withdrawal Problems From Tradorax?

Withdrawal Problems From Tradorax?
Withdrawal Problems From Tradorax?
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A number of users of Tradorax website have reported withdrawal problems. The online trading allows you to be active on the market anywhere and anytime, but what if the broker does not pay? Our lawyers have contacted Tradorax receiving assurances and, above all, the money claimed.

Tradorax is a well-known broker, very popular among investors due to the linearity of its website which appears to be clear and easy to use.
It has customers all over the world and meets the needs of both beginners and expert investors.
However, as reported by a number of users, it has often failed in its obligations to liquidate its customers. In fact, as we have been able to ascertain, users could not withdraw from their Tradorax online accounts.
For this reason we have actively intervened on this matter.

We should always bear in mind that trading binary options involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors.
When deciding to invest money in online trading one should be aware of the risk of losing a part or, at worst, the whole sum invested.
Different types of problems may arise, ranging from price and trading manipulation, to password change or transactions made under one’s name.
Do not let yourself be blinded by bonuses because often the terms to obtain them are too complex and, depending on the type of activity you are about to carry out, inconvenient.

Our advice is to invest funds you can afford to lose.
This does not authorize the brokerage firms to behave incorrectly, since only the fairness by both parties can lead to acceptable losses and possible gains.
It is important to know the market: many websites, including Tradorax, provide investors with comprehensive learning tools, video tutorials, general training articles and possible customized training.

Let’s Talk About Tradorax

The company was founded by “a group of experienced mediators, financial trading professionals”, as they like to be defined. Tradorax is owned by Beta Tech Ltd based in London, a company founded in 2009 but active in the online trading sector since 2013/2014 (different information are reported in the various websites consulted).
It meets the strictest regulatory standards, although it is not supervised by Cysec or any other regulatory agency, and that’s a big deal! It allows you to invest in digital options at any time, from anywhere in the world.
Download is not necessary, as you can choose to directly and exclusively operate online.
It is a highly recommended tool in this sector, however, the fact remains that users have experienced several withdrawal problems.
Without questioning the seriousness of the company, we encourage you to report any problems in withdrawing sums invested in Tradorax.

Our Experience With Tradorax

Boccadutri law firm has collected numerous requests from people who were not able to withdraw their money from Tradorax; thus, a Class Action against the company has been undertaken, resulting in a fruitful contact with the company’s Compliance Department and the recovery of the amounts claimed.
If you have experienced any difficulties in withdrawing your money from Tradorax, please contact us. We will examine your situation and the possibility of undertaking a Class Action.

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