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If you have previously invested in Finanzas Forex and have experienced any difficulty in respect to your investment, you need to file a claimIf you have previously invested in Finanzas Forex and have experienced any difficulty in respect to your investment, you need to file a claim in order to get your money back. Victims of EMG (Evolution Marketing Group) have until July 14, 2016 to file the claim

Boccadutri International Law Firm personally collaborates with the Remission Administrator in Washington, USA to help victims of Finanzas Forex to submit their claims in order to be considered for remission. Boccadutri represents hundreds of victims around the world in class actions against Evolution Marketing Group.
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An international Ponzi/Pyramid scheme has been operated by Evolution Market Group – doing business as – Finanzas Forex, DWB Holding Company, Superior International Investments Corporation, German Cardona, Daniel Rojo Filho, Pedro Benevides and others in which investors were defrauded out of millions of dollars.

The United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida entered orders of forfeiture for over $138 million in assets which were seized by Federal Authorities for their involvement in a fraud perpetrated by Evolution Market Group.  The United States Department of Justice will distribute these funds to eligible victims of the fraud through a process called “Remission.”

Remission is the process by which forfeited assets are returned to the victims of the crime underlying the forfeiture.

Persons who incurred a financial loss because of investment with Evolution Market Group doing business as Finanzas Forex may be eligible for remission.

If you have been a victim of Finanzas Forex, a Ponzi scheme lawyer will be available to advise you on how to proceed further in the remission process.

Boccadutri Law Firm with a dedicated team of specialist foreign exchange (forex) litigation lawyers is assisting victims of Finanzas Forex from all over the world offering its clients the comfort and ease of speaking to a lawyer in their own language, be it English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian and Turkish.

If you have been scammed by Evolution Marketing Group doing business as Finanzas Forex and you need any further information in order to file a claim do not hesitate to contact us completing the on-line enquiry form here or email us at

We are here to assist you as you go through the Remission process.

 Boccadutri’s Forex Team is helping hundreds of victims around the world to file the claim.

The history of Calogero Boccadutri is a story of determination and hard work

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    24 November 2015 Reply

    I lost 300,000. I don’t know from where to get and what to do.

    1. 7 December 2015 Reply

      Please write to and I will come back to you with the next steps.

      Kind Regards


    2. Reema
      10 February 2016 Reply

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      1. 10 April 2016 Reply

        I have just sent you an email to your email. Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.



  3. Shari
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  4. Adriana Valencia
    27 April 2016 Reply

    I and multiples friends and family were affected and cheated by Finanzas Forex. I invested 5000 us and them a lot of money too.

    How do you work to gain this money again. I heard this guy went to prison for 21 years and others from the same group. The only new we had back then in 2011 was that USA got the money while they verify where all this money was coming from. But instead he robbed to multiple people around the world.

    Can you please tell me how much you charge and I will let all may family know to start the process. Also I would like to get the form to claim for this.

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Stephen sanchez
    13 May 2016 Reply

    $10,000 Invested thinking it was a real thing and it wasn’t 6 years ago is there website or an application I can fill out to see if I can get my money back

    1. 11 June 2016 Reply

      Dear Sir,

      we can file the claim on your behalf. We will contact you on Monday.

      Kind Regards


  6. dan
    18 May 2016 Reply

    What is the price of the remission? My wife have invested some money in Finazas forex, she gave the money some guy that represents himself as a broker (haha) and he opened account on her name and he put the money on that account. We could see the money on the account on her name on finanzas forex site before everything was blocked. Is remission possible?

    1. 11 June 2016 Reply

      Dear Sir,

      we will contact you on Monday.

      Kind Regards


  7. Marinko Martincic
    17 June 2016 Reply

    I am also former invested in FinanzasForex – Panama from 2008. And I am also interested how to return my money. Please contact me with some answers. Thank you and Regards.

  8. Dormard Pierre
    28 July 2016 Reply

    Bonjour , j ai eu un compte chez Finanzas Forex , j avais un compte a 26000 dollars et toute a disparu , ma coche était Christelle est une fille bien , ses parents se sont fait voler plus de 20000€
    Voila comment faire il parait que le directeur a fait de la prison en Espagne et que l argent a été saisie par les Américains ??? et nous rien aucun remboursement
    Donc si on peut avoir une réponse ????
    TL 0611016573
    Merci Pierre

    1. 11 September 2016 Reply

      Dear Sir,

      I have sent you an email regarding your matter.

      Kind Regards


  9. Gordana Komadina
    24 August 2016 Reply

    I am also one of investors in FinanzasForex, I did not received any info regarding return money procedure. I should have send my document until 14h August 2016. but no one informed me about that. Do I have still chance to send my papers and investors ID to clame money refund,regards

    1. 11 September 2016 Reply

      Dear Gordana,

      I am sorry you cannot anymore file the claim as the deadline was the 14th of July.

      If we will have news regarding your case we will send you an email but it is very difficult just to think that the US Authority will open again the case.

      kind Regards


  10. armando corbelle
    28 October 2016 Reply

    I invest like 20,000 my # 305499 0467

    23 November 2016 Reply

    Hello, I am also invest in finazasforex Is there any possibility of a refund.
    thanks for the reply.


  12. Metod P.
    23 December 2016 Reply

    When can we expect any information from the US goverment?

    1. 5 January 2017 Reply

      Dear Sir,

      The US Administrator is working on the case and we hope that before the end of this year thye will give the money back to the people who will give the evidence of the investment but there is no data when this could happen.

      Please read our news in the next months and we will be delighted to update you.