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About your investment.

Is this investment in line with my investment goals? Why is this investment suitable?

In what way (ie. divideneds, interest, capital gains) will this investment make money?

What must happen for this investment to increase in value?

What are all the total costs to buy, maintain, and sell this investment? Are there any ways that I can reduce/avoid some fees? Once the fees have been paid, how much exactly does this investment need to increase in value before I get my money back and break even?

How liquid is this investment? If I needed to access my money, how easy would it be to sell?

What are the specific risks associated with this investment and what is the maximum that I could lose? Consider things like the effect of changing interest rates, economic recession, competition and stock market movements.

When did the business start trading? Does the company have an experience management team? Has management been successful in the past? Do they have a proven track record of making money for investors?

What is the current plight of the company? Are they making money? How are they performing in relation to their competitors?

Where can I go to get more information about this investment?

What specific risks are associated with this investment?

What are the specific types of securities that the fund holds? Does the portfolio change? If so, how often?

Does this mutual fund invest in any type of securities that could cause the value to rapidly increase or decrease in a short time period? (For example, derivatives?)

How does the fund perform in comparison to other funds of the same type or to an index of the same type of investment?

Will I get charged by the fund when I buy shares? How much? What ongoing fees? When I decide to sell the shares, how much will the fund charge me?

It’s never too early or too late to start asking questions about your investment. We will welcome your questions no matter how basic. Feel free to contact us at or here

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